URGENT: Safari Park Zoo Animals Need Our Help  

UPDATE 10/29/2018: The animals are safe! With your help, our team managed to transfer the wild animals out of "Europe's worst zoo" to temporary, yet safe accommodations. Once they are strong enough, we will provide a long-term solution for them. For the whole team, the rescue operation was an intense experience. We want to thank all of you for your encouragement and support. The animal's journey is not over yet! Your support ensures the continued care of these animals who are on their journey to a new life of freedom. 

UPDATE 10/25/2018: The Albanian Ministry of Tourism and Environment has decided to confiscate the wild animals and we support them! Our team on-site is preparing a safe and successful rescue of the suffering animals at the Safari Park Zoo Fier. Temporary enclosures are being built for the animals so they feel as comfortable as possible and we are ready to provide them with urgent medical treatment. Keep in mind that this operation is extremely delicate, and we hope to get the animals out of this terrible zoo unharmed. 

Seeing horrible things happen to animals urges us to provide help immediately. However, sometimes the legal circumstances overrule all human kindness, forcing us to wait on the sidelines. This is how we have been feeling for years now, while we were trying to improve the situation in Albania without much legal ground to stand on. But after all this time, a ray of hope has appeared on the horizon: a shutdown of the horrible Fier Zoo finally has become an option. We are working hard to prepare whatever is needed to make this option a reality. It is a complex and risky case and we are doing everything we can to bring the animals to safety as soon as possible. We could not save these animals in need if it weren't for animal advocates like you!

Please stay tuned for more information regarding this urgent rescue.

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