Help save May and Binh Yen - now!



6/29/2018: UPDATE- After being rescued at the end of April, May is now successfully socialized with Thai Van and Thai Giang. Now May is able to enjoy the beautiful greenery and outdoors with her two companions. Together they form the first group of three bears at our BEAR SANCTUARY Ninh Binh! Please consider supporting our rescued bears at Ninh Binh who have overcome tragic pasts and can now live in freedom by donating below! 

5/18/2018: UPDATE - May and Binh Yen have been moved to their bear houses after three weeks of intensive medical care from our FOUR PAWS Vietnam team during quarantine. While May could not wait t leave the transport box to explore her new, temporary home, Binh Yen was very cautious. After half an hour she found the courage to leave the transport box. At the bear house the two are now being prepared for their final transfer - an outdoor enclosure at our BEAR SANCTUARY Ninh Binh. 

4/27/2018: UPDATE - Now in quarantine at our sanctuary, the two bears will receive urgent veterinary care, fresh food and stimulating enrichment items. Upon our examination it was discovered that May suffers from an inflamed gallbladder and numerous health issues. Binh Yen is in critical condition as a result of the many years of neglect and abuse.

Once their health has improved and they have had adequate time to adjust, May and Binh Yen will be released to the outdoor enclosure where they can finally roam free and experience grass beneath their paws

4/26/2018: UPDATE - Because of you May & Binh Yen's cages are finally empty! TODAY FOUR PAWS rescued the last remaining bile bears on a farm in Vietnam. The bears are now on their way to a new life. Sadly the bears suffered years of physical and emotional trauma and the vet check showed that May & Binh Yen have a long road to recovery.

Do you remember May and Binh Yen? They are the very last bile bears in Ninh Binh province of Vietnam suffering on a bear farm. This is the exact farm where our very own bear, Hai Chan used to live. 

It looks like we may have the opportunity to rescue them too and bring them to our bear sanctuary. But we need your help!

Will you help us save May and Binh Yen? Give them the species-appropriate home and care they deserve for the rest of their lives.


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