BREAKING: Lula and Simba are Home!



MISSION UPDATE 4/11/17:  Lula and Simba are finally HOME!

Lula and Simba have arrived safely at Al Ma'Wa reserve in Jordan and are adapting to their new species specific enclosures, safe and cared for.

MISSION UPDATE 4/10/17: Lula and Simba are finally on a flight out of Iraq!

We are happy to report that Lula and Simba are finally on a flight out of Iraq. After 10 long days of negotiations and checkpoints, our team is on their way to Jordan.

This is not the end of our mission, but it is a huge and encouraging step in these two animal's long and complicated rescue. YOU can still play a major role in saving Lula and Simba and aiding in the start of their new lives. 

Please Give Today. 

MISSION UPDATE 4/8/17: We finally did it!

Lula and Simba are at a safe place outside of Mosul! The animals and the FOUR PAWS team are all well.

Our next phase lies in the logistics to getting these animals out of Iraq.

We have been humbled by this trying experience. Rescuing animals is not always an easy, clean, swift or uncomplicated thing.

MISSION UPDATE 4/5/17: Still Waiting...

Yesterday was all about meeting authorities in Mosul City. They have offered us their support for the mission going forward. We are very thankful for the help we have received so far on site.

Lula and Simba are both still doing well – especially after we cleaned their crates yesterday.

We hope that by soon we will be able to report a happy ending to you.

MISSION UPDATE 3/31/17:Lula and Simba’s rescue is finally within reach.

Over the past week, our FOUR PAWS rapid response team has been working tirelessly to rescue Lula and Simba. They bravely entered Mosul, not once, but twice to ensure that Lula and Simba did not become victims of the bloody conflict that has damaged Motazah Al-Morour Zoo and killed almost all of its inhabitant.

With the help of donors like you, bear Lula and lion Simba – the last survivors in Motazah Al-Morour Zoo – received much-needed medical treatment and food over the last couple of weeks. We cannot thank you enough for your support!

All of us here at FOUR PAWS are working hard to bring Lula and Simba to their new home, but we cannot do it without your help! Please support the transportation, housing and food costs.

Lula and Simba are counting on you. Please donate now!


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